Wednesday, November 2, 2016

20 Top ALS & Wellness Posts!

I just noticed that the little box (over there on the far right side) that counts worldwide visitors to my blog has reached the mighty number of 31,200!

Now that's a lot of guests to the party!    A lot of eyeballs reading posts!    And waaaay too many people searching for information about ALS - - we really need a treatment and cure for this disease - - and SOON!

I'm certainly very grateful to have so many visitors and pleased to know that my posts and links are helping others. So, to help new readers find their way, I've collected the 5 most popular posts among the top four topics that  readers seemed to refer to the most.

If you find any of these especially helpful, feel free to pass them along to others.

ALS Exercise Tips
Managing Your Stress

Dealing with ALS Transitions

ALS Humor

And what was the #1 visited page on my site?

There’s a reason for it too…if you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you do. My book is filled with numerous personal and humorous anecdotes which through my background in wellness I share with you practical advice for creating a resilient life. It has been downloaded over 2,362 times.

Dagmar Munn
ALS and Wellness Blogger

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