My Book: "Align, Lengthen & Strengthen Your Resilience; While Living with ALS

I'm excited to share with you my book: 
Align, Lengthen & Strengthen Your Resilience; 
While Living with ALS.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), or are facing any other kind of life-threatening illness - -I wrote this book for you!

Through numerous personal and humorous anecdotes as well as drawing on my background in wellness I share with you practical advice for creating a resilient life. 

This book is a guide for not only you, but for your caregivers, family, and friends. 

My book, Align, Lengthen & Strengthen Your Resilience; While Living with ALS is absolutely FREE. I will not ask you for your email or try to sell you something later on. This is my gift to the ALS community. Please share it with others!

Enjoy :-)

One reader's comment:
     "I wish I had a resource like this when I was first diagnosed. It was the worst day of my life when I found out about my diagnosis. It was so difficult to get up and start living again. I had so many of the same experiences and felt so along. The book is so positive" I love the concept of having to 'Show up' would be so easy for someone with ALS to shut down and stop enjoying life. I also appreciated how she described how she dumped her group of whiners, and the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people."

     "I was surprised by the humor as well. I read this while I was on a flight and I realized that everyone was staring at me whenever I laughed out loud!"

Warner Smith, former University of Arizona and NFL player



You can download the book for free in these formats:
After you've read my book do come back and share your thoughts about it. I'm interested in learning which chapters helped you. Share what you are doing to live a resilient life.

Dagmar Munn
ALS and Wellness Blogger 

    "Wellness is more than being free from illness. It is a dynamic process of change and growth. A conscious self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential."

    The National Wellness Institute


  1. This wonderful gift should be used internationally in support groups. I commend you for your efforts.

  2. Dear readers - - I received the Gavin's comments via email, and with their permission have re-posted it here. Their "Prayer Project" site is a good resource for anyone wanting to help - - or be helped by the power of prayer.

    "We are really enjoying your book and thank you for sharing your information. It answers quite a few questions. Keep up the good work...we know how difficult it is to do.

    We have benefited greatly from prayer...ours and others. To that end, we recently created a website where people can request a "Prayer Project" for themselves or others. I then create a personal Prayer Project webpage which that person can share the link to with others through email, blogs, website etc. On that webpage there's a form where people can "donate" their prayers to that project. I figured that if people would donate money on the Internet to someone's pet project, perhaps we could entice people to donate their prayers. Prayer is so much more powerful than money AND so much more personal, too.

    Here's the link to the Prayer Project request if you'd like me to set one up for you:

    The homepage of "Prayer Projects" can also be gotten to at:

    Thank you again for the book...

    Best wishes and God's Blessings...

    Kelly & Sandy Galvin"

  3. Dagmar,
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us. What a wonderful gift you have given to the ALS community (and beyond!). I wish my dad and I had your book when he was fighting his battle. I know he would have been so encouraged. He was valiant in showing up!
    Blessings to you,

  4. Can I order a copy of your book and you mail it to me? Ida Rose

    1. Hello Ida Rose, my book is not in print and available only online. You can download it (or have someone help you to do this). Then you can read it on your computer or print it off yourself. Thank you and best to you!

  5. I feel like my husband just shut down and it has just given up. He on a trilogy vent part of the time, though has been on it more recently. He is unable to speak and is unable to eat. He now can no longer hold his head up. We are waiting on his wheelchair. I don't know if he is really unable to do things, I feel as if he just quit. He doesn't seem to have interest in anything anymore. I wish I had seen your post sooner. If your book would help us at this point I would be glad to have one. Thank you for your sharing and best wishes as you continue this journey.

  6. I am so sorry to read the challenges you and your husband are experiencing. My book is free and you can download a PDF document file directly from the link above.

  7. Hi Dagmar,
    My dad is currently sick of ALS and thus we would very much like to read your book and your practical advices about how to live with it but the download links here don't work. We would happily pay for it as well but I don't find where to get the book other than this page. When I click here on the download links I only get "File is in owner's trash". Is there some way to still get your book, Dagmar?
    Thank you in advance!

  8. Raya - - Thank you so much for bringing the link "glitch" to my attention! It has been fixed and you can download a PDF or eBook version. Please let me know if you encounter further issues. Best regards to you and your father. Dagmar

  9. Dear Dagmmar,

    Thanks for your generosity and giving us a chance for downloading the free copy of your book. Best wishes

  10. Hola Dagmar,
    Te pregunto por el libro Alinee, alargue y fortalezca su resiliencia;
    Mientras vive con ELA. ¿es posible tenerlo en español?

  11. Hi Dagmar, I just finished reading your book. It is a gift to the whole ALS community. Thank you so much.


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