I'm Still Bouncing! 2016 Rebounder Update & ALS Exercise Tips

Here’s exciting news - - I’m still bouncing!

So? You ask, what’s all the fuss?

Well, let’s begin with the fact that I have ALS, and I am embarking on my sixth year of living with the condition (Note: the average prediction for survival with ALS is only 2-5 years following diagnosis) and I attribute a large part of having reached this milestone to following basic wellness lifestyle principles. One of which is - - daily moderate exercise.

Last year, I wrote ("Why I Bounce") about how an important part of my daily exercise is using a rebounder - - one that had been originally designed by my father George Nissen, inventor of the modern trampoline. I also shared that when I began bouncing again post-ALS, my feet had completely forgotten how, and I had to learn to bounce all over again.  Soggy-walking slowly transitioned into soggy-bouncing. I challenged myself to complete just 50 bounces, then to keep going through a whole song and finally build up to a daily 20-minute workout.

And now one year later, thanks to the wonderful folks at Active Fun and X-L-Ent Care Products, Inc., I’m bouncing on a new, up-graded model of my father’s original design. This new unit is called a Health Bounce Pod® or simply a B Pod® (as in, Bounce Pod).

You’ll notice right away that the design is very unique. It’s made for people who want to enjoy the benefits of rebounding but need a super-strong, rugged, stable, supportive apparatus but - - can even look nice in a home setting.  

The side arches and center C-hoop are what make the B Pod® fun, safe and easy to use. The C-hoop is at the right height and position to use as a handgrip, it moves with the bouncer and is convenient as well as firm enough to lean against during brief rest periods.

The B Pod® arrives in a flat box and is pre-assembled - - except for having to slide the leg bars on, unfold the arches and attach the center C-hoop - - all easily managed. Although the arches can be folded back down between uses I highly suggest leaving everything up and intact. If it’s ready to go, you’ll be more likely to use it! If you do need to move the unit, the leg bar design allows for an easy slide across carpet or similar surface. More details and description are available here. 

Remember, the Health Bounce Pod®/B-Pod® is not for trampoline skills or super-high bounces, it is for fundamental rebound therapy, which includes: gentle cardio, muscle tone, kinesthetic awareness, balance training, movement coordination and mood enhancement.

Having ALS leads to a lack of daily physical movement and most of the day is spent sitting, which fast-forwards our body to that of the typical elderly person. Inactivity and sitting reduces vestibular stimulation; which means our inner ears lose the ability to communicate with our brain in order to regulate our body’s equilibrium or balance. Having poor balance leads to falls.

In 2011, researchers in Germany studied the effects of rebounding as an intervention to help the elderly reduce their risk of falling. Following a 14-week period of exercising on a rebounder, participants increased their foot planter flexion muscle strength by an average of 10% and demonstrated the increased ability to regain balance during a forward fall by an average of 35%. The researchers concluded that “the improvement was attributed to the higher rate of hip movement generation.” http://www.jelectromyographykinesiology.com/article/S1050-6411(11)00006-X/fulltext

I know I’m happy with the benefits I’ve experienced from following my program of regular daily rebounding and I look forward to even more gains using my new Health Bounce Pod®/B Pod®. 

In fact, I can boast that I’m now able to hop from foot-to-foot! YAY! 

Take a look at my video:
Having trouble viewing the video? 

And yes, to prove that the Health Bounce Pod®/B Pod® is based on my father’s original design, is manufactured following strict requirements, using high grade material: each unit comes with its own engraved authentication number - - Just like an original Nissen trampoline! 

To Learn More:
Updated 2021: For anyone interested, the Health Bounce Pod®/B Pod® is now available from Energy Surfaces Inc. (Reboundforhealth) https://www.reboundforhealth.com/shop/health-bounce-bpod-black

Dagmar Munn
ALS and Wellness Blogger

"Exercise is medicine!"
Becky Farley, PhD, MS, PT

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  1. Great video and post! You look great Dagmar and I am glad you are doing well! Thanks for sharing.

    Take Care,

    1. Thank you Cindy! It's always good to hear from you :-)

  2. Hi Dagmar!
    You're looking as beautiful as the day I first met you :) exercise has helped me with chronic pain, I'm so glad exercise was a part of my youth.
    Stay Strong Dagmar!🌺

    1. Rita - - so good to hear from you! Sending you wishes as well for health and happiness :-)

    2. Rita - - Thank you so much for the Hawaiian bouquet :-) I will find a way to connect with you!

  3. Dagmar, I love your posts. I was dx in August 2015. I can still walk. Recently I had three massages to help cramps in my glutes. He worked on my back. After the last one I was sore. Now, more than a month later, my entire trunk area is getting stabbing pains, cramps, and it is hard to do anything other than lay flat in bed. Do you think he could have done something?

    1. I'm happy to know you enjoy my posts, but am sorry that you are experiencing pain. Although massage is considered helpful for pALS, every pALS reacts differently due to individual sensitivity, the therapist's pressure, etc. Having pain one month out?? - - Time to call your physician and find out what else might be the cause. I hope you are pain free soon.

  4. Hi Dagmar:

    It has been years since we connected. Life took several turns for me...and it seems that the same is true for you.

    I am so sorry to read about your diagnosis of ALS. But absolutely salute you for how you have taken this experience and turned it into a valuable teaching tool for others. And I'm thrilled that your father's invention has been of such incredible value on your journey back to being able to walk. Such an inspiration.

    I would truly love to reconnect with you and to hear more about what you are doing these days.

    Sending much love your way!
    Marilyn (from the - on hiatus - Dr Marilyn Joyce Show)

    1. A hearty hello to you Marilyn! How wonderful to hear from you again! I certainly will connect with you - - and look forward to it! Dagmar

  5. Dear Dagmar Munn, Watching your YouTube video of doing the health bounce and other types of bounces on the HEALTH BOUNCE BPOD™ inspired me to buy one for my mom who was dealing with chemotherapy and heading toward remission. She used it a little off and on, but her remission was short-lived and the cancer came back with a vengeance. Now my sister and I are looking for a new home for my mom's rebounder. If you know of anyone in New England (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine) who is interested in buying a used one in really good shape for a much lower cost than a new one, please let me know. Thank you!

  6. Hello Cat's Meow - - I'm so sorry your mother's cancer has returned. It's nice to know she had some time to enjoy during remission... and was able to use the HealthBounce.

    I will put the word out to my ALS friends in the New England area - - and try to connect you with any interested party.

  7. Thank you, Dagmar, for putting the word out to your ALS friends in New England. I will also be posting the rebounder on Craigslist Rhode Island and will send you a link once the ad is published.

  8. Hello once again, Dagmar! The Craigslist ad has been posted: https://providence.craigslist.org/spo/d/westerly-health-bounce-pod-mini/7314541614.html. Thank you!

    1. I've posted it on my Facebook page. Hope this helps get the word out :-)

  9. The cat’s meow.. I am interested in the trampoline.. please email me at d6ander@aol.com.. I would appreciate if you could get in touch!


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